Tip Tuesday: Find Your Contour

Hello loves:)

Todays tip is helping you all to find your perfect line to contour with. Placing your bronzer either too far up, or down too low won’t create the effect that you’re looking for.

Start by pulling your hair back into a clip or hair tie the first few times to get a good idea of where your brush should go.

Then, place your brush at the very top of your hairline by your ear and angle it down towards the corner of yor mouth. That is exactly where your contour line should be:)

Place your bronzer from the tip of your ear just to about the edge of your eye. Don’t apply bronzer all the way down your contour line or it will end up looking mud-y and more messy than a deep contour. When most of the product is off your brush slowly start blending the bronzer a bit closer to your mouth–but be sure there is no additional product on your brush.

My favorite brushes to use are my Sonia Kashuk angled contour brush or my Sigma F05:) One final helpful tip is to be sure that if you’re applying a contour place some of your bronzer onto your temples and hairline as well to even it out

Hope this helps some of you!




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