Mandarie Mondays: We Have Internet!

Hello loves!

It feels like forever since I’ve been able to get a post up for you! We are getting settled into our new apartment and we officially (as of 10 am today!) have Internet! I am so, so sorry that posts didn’t get up! I’ve been stressed about it for days. Things will be going a lot smoother now, and all posts will now go up as scheduled.

My new job is going well–I’ve been able to do a few full looks on people and have absolutely loved it. Finding something that you’re passionate about it one of the best feelings in the world:) Although, by the end of my shift my feet are just killing me. Do you guys have any inserts you love or shows that are super comfy? Help would be greatly appreciated:)

Our place still smells like new carpet. It was amazing that it got out in before we moved in but I’m not so crazy about the smell. Needless to say I’ve been putting my obscene amount of candles to use:) My current favorites are Spiced Apple Toddy and Marshemellow Fireside. They are so, so good. I highly recommend them.

My most exciting but about our apartment is that we got our own Christmas tree! It’s small, and fake, but I love it so much. It makes it feel so much more cozy and like a home here:) Ornaments will be going up, hopefully, tomorrow.


I will update you all more as the week goes on. Promise:) Extra posts will be put up so check back soon!



4 thoughts on “Mandarie Mondays: We Have Internet!

    1. I seriously didn’t know what to do with myself sometimes. Each time Id think oh I’ll work on a post now I had this sad realization that wasn’t possible haha Thank you so much:)

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