Tip Tuesday: Make Your Lipstick Last

Hello loves!

Todays tip will be pretty easy and to the point–if you’d like to make your lipstick last longer you can do 3 things.

1. Be sure that you’re using a thicker formula. I tend to find that the glossier a lipstick is the sooner it wears off my lips. Most lines have a longwear line that is separate from glossier products.

2. Use a liner under your lipstick. I go over my whole lip with mine before I apply lipstick.

3. Apply some sheer powder on top. I honestly don’t do this often but so many people swear by it.

See you all Thursday!




6 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday: Make Your Lipstick Last

    1. Haha yes I have the same frustration. I don’t know of a great way to keep gloss lasting longer other than just doing your best to keep you lips moisturizes. Then the product will stay on the surface of your lips and not absorb as quickly…but unfortunately you just need to keep applying.

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