Tip Tuesday: Tips for Getting a Good Night Sleep

Hello loves!

Welcome back to Tip Tuesday! This week is all about how to get the best nights sleep possible. It can sometimes be difficult to fall asleep at night, or just feel restless/anxious about things that you need to get done. I know for me personally  I have pretty high levels of anxiety, and there are nights where I think of something I should’ve done, things I need to still get done, or what if ____ happens?! Then before I know it I’m wide awake, and sleep feels like a distant thing…

  1. Make a nightly routine and stick to it. Start getting ready at the same time each night
  2. dont scroll through your phone while in bed. It makes you constantly think of other things that may be going on
  3. Wash your face. It’ll help relax you and feel clean before bed
  4. Allow yourself to have some wind down time. Don’t expect your body to be able to go from running around getting things done to sleeping.
  5. Try some tea before bed. This is one of my favorite things to do–especially in the colder months. I have one called Sleepytime Tea and love it.
  6. Have comfy pajamas. When your looking forward to getting something cozy on it’ll help get you in the relaxed mindset.
  7. Double check your alarm. Something that always make me restless is worrying my alarm won’t go off. Checking it again will put your mind at ease.
  8. Visualize closing a door or putting everything in a box that you’re thinking about. This always helps me clear my mind and relax
  9. Have candles in your room. For me they always relax me and fills my room with my favorite scents.
  10. Make your bed comfy! Fill it with pillows, blankets, your favorite colors, anything that you love. Make it your sanctuary.

Hope this helps!



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