Mandarie Mondays: We’re Moving!

Hello loves!

I hope you all had a wonderful week! This has been quite a busy past two weeks for me. I started my new job today and we signed a lease for an apartment on Friday! I cannot wait to get all moved in:) We found a great deal on an apartment that had all the the things on my checklist: underground parking (soo nice for these Minnesota winters), laundry in our apartment, and an open kitchen. I will post pictures and do a bit of an apartment tour once we get everything set up and organized. We are so excited to have our first Christmas in our new home–can’t wait!

The things I always forget about moving: 1) You have way more stuff than you think you do. Our kitchen is a pretty nice size, and we honestly could use a few more cupboards. 2) Boxes. So many boxes. We have a stockpile of them in our den and it stresses me out even looking at it. 3) I really should’ve gone through all my clothes before…I don’t remember the last time I wore a few of my shirts…but there could be that one time you may want it:) 4) My makeup takes up a lot of room and it never stays that organized. 5) It’s stressful, but so much fun to decorate:)

I’m going for a neutral, white, metallic kind of a look–it may sound really boring, but it’s going to (hopefully) look really pretty when I’m done. If you guys have anything you’re really loving in your homes I’d love to see some of it for inspiration!

Also–I know my posts haven’t been quite up to my usual level of information, depth, however you want to describe it, but they will be back to normal very soon! We are thinking we will be permanently moved into our new place in just about a week. So stick with me for a bit longer and it’ll get right back to normal:)

Thank you all so much for reading! As always let me know how your week went! What was your most exciting moment? Anything funny happen?

Check back for Tip Tuesday tomorrow!



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