Tip Tuesday: Set Your Eyeliner

Hello loves!

Welcome back! Today’s tip is brought to you by the annoying smudges and lines we get from eye liner.

It would be nice if when you applied your liner it just always stayed in place…but makeup is not perfect and neither is our skin. The only liner I have ever used that stays where I put it and literally does not move (Seriously. The stuff is like permanent marker.) is Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner. But there are days I don’t want that liquid liner look, and I’m left with annoying smudges.

The trick: set your liner with an eyeshadow in a similar color. It essentially does the job as setting your foundation with a powder. You may expect your foundation to move or crease without the powder, so the same rule applies to your skin on your eyes as well.

Hope this helps some of you out!



3 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday: Set Your Eyeliner

  1. Oh what a good tip , I am new to the eyeliner world and have not mastered the straight cat flick yet it looks more like a 3 year old scribble.. I am not brave enough to use waterproof liner but I literally do a lot of rubbing out … BUT hey apparently practice makes perfect so I will keep trying and once I get the hang of it I will use this tip HA… Thank you xox


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