Mandarie Monday: Exciting News & Important Didclaimer

Hello loves!

I am so excited to finally say, after 4 interviews I am officially a Clinique Consultant:) I cannot wait to start this new chapter and see where it takes me. At the beginning of this year I started writing this blog, and I had no idea that by the end I would have you all trading, let alone a new career in cosmetics. It honestly just proves that if you find something your passionate about good things will come:)

Wednesday is my last day nannying for the family, and I hope the kids transition well. As excited as I am, I don’t want this to negatively affect them at all. I can’t believe I’ve been working for them for over 6 months now. Kind of crazy how quickly the time goes by isn’t it?

My other exciting news is that my hubby and I are deciding to go look at an apartment to rent this week. We really want to find a place that we can call home for at least a year, and to me this place looks really promising. Do you guys have any must haves I should be looking for? I’ve only rented homes with friends before and never just an apartment, so this is new territory for both of us.

One very important thing I want to establish: While I am working for Clinique I will not post their products on my blog just because we are having a sale, or for any other reason than I genuinely like them more than other products I have tried. It is really important to me that I maintain a genuine, honest review, so if you see one of their products in a favorites or review it will be my honest opinion, promise. I will probably do some swatch and first impression posts, but it’ll be because I’m going to be trying out a lot of new products in the near future. I promise to keep up with other brands and maintain the kinds of posts I have been making previously. I love you all for making it through that paragraph– it got a bit wordy:)

How was your week?




6 thoughts on “Mandarie Monday: Exciting News & Important Didclaimer

    1. That’s so sweet:) Thank you! I’m really excited about all the changes too! That would be so amazing if we could be in there by Christmas–such a good start to the new year:)

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