Tutorial: Bronzer Eye Shadow Look

Hello loves!

Welcome back to my blog:) I hope you’re all having a wonderful week! Today I wanted to do a post on the makeup I wore yesterday. It was one of those mornings I was running late, but still wanted to have a little something going on  with my eyes. I only my bronzer, a highlight and some liner. Easy, simple day time look that will look great on everyone.


I’m not doing to go through step by step as I normally do with this one because it’s just way easier than that. All you need to do is use the bronzer that you used to contour your cheeks/forehead and blend in all over your lid until you get to the color/darkness that you want to achieve. I just used an E40 from sigma with my Benefit Hula Bronzer and packed the color on until I was happy with it. I did the same thing for my lower lash line with a pencil brush. I feel like taking the bronzer all the way around your eye really makes them pop (especially if you have blue eyes). Then, I added a bit of my favorite MAC Shroom to my inner corner and brow bone and called it good. See–easy peasy!

I added a bit of this brown liner to my upper and lower water lines to give my eyes a bit more intensity, but it’s not a necessary step.

I feel like this makeup look will be super flattering on everyone, and I know every single person can handle blending some bronzer out on their lids:) I love doing this eye look because of how simple it is, but also because it really connects all of your makeup together. Using a color you’ve already used on your face is a super easy way to have it all look uniform and classic. It in some ways just simply highlights the color of your eyes and really makes them pop as you’ve created a seamless, put together background for them with your makeup.

I hope you guys enjoy! As always leave me comments below if you have any requests!


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