Mandarie Monday: New Milestones!

Hello loves!

Here we are at another Monday…my least favorite day of the week. Id really love some feedback from you all–are you enjoying these posts, should they be less frequent, or any topics you’d like me to discuss? Please feel free to leave some suggestions below I would really appreciate it.

I hit two new records this weekend:

1. My blog went over 100 subscribers!

2. My bloglovin account hit 150 followers!

Neither of these are huge numbers in comparison to most people, but they mean so much to me. I honestly want to thank everyone of you who takes the time to read my posts and like or comment. I love knowing that I share this hobby and love for beauty with you all. It’s just such a cool feeling being able to connect with all of you, almost all of you who I would have never had the chance to talk to without this platform. Again, HUGE thank you! I cannot wait to hit my next milestone.

This weekend I also was able to go to a Garth Brooks concert with the hubs and a few of his college friends. It was such an amazing concert! Being able to see someone like him live and sing Friends in Low Places along with him is something I will never ever forget.

Here he is singing along with his wife Trisha:)
Here he is singing along with his wife Trisha:)

My other bit of exciting news is that I interviewed with Clinique this week! I’ve made it through the Talent Plus interview, so now I just have my fingers crossed that they liked my answers! I’ll keep you all updated on that. I’m so excited to take this passion and love for beauty/skincare to a new level.

What were your highlights this week?





5 thoughts on “Mandarie Monday: New Milestones!

  1. For me this week has been so stressful! I had so much projects due this week and way too many sleepless nights. And I just realized I have not posted anything on my blog for almost two weeks which is crazy. I literally thought that I was not on wordpress for maybe only a week. I was so occupied with college work that I did not even realize. I feel awful! I hope I will try to make a post tomorrow :). And hey, congratulations on your milestones!!

    1. So sorry to hear you’ve been having a stressful time! Those busy weeks in college were a killer for me. It was all I could to to keep myself fed and awake during those times! I totally get that! I had actually noticed you hadn’t posted for a while–so glad you’ll be back to it. But always keep time for yourself and get some sleep!! πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing with me! I’m always here for an uplifting or funny quote if you need it during a stressful time!

      1. Haha thank you! My stressful time will be over in exactly a month and I am looking so forward to it! I am taking Media Communications which is very technical, so it makes it even harder to keep up with all the projects… But I am surviving! :). And yes, now I am trying to focus on blogging a little bit more since I have some free time. I will probably make few posts in advance, so I will not have to be gone again for so long!

      2. I can imagine that is a really hard subject to be taking! So glad you are surviving though;) Haha I try and do that with my posts as well when I feel like I’m going to go into a busy time. Thank goodness for setting posts to publish themselves right?!

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