My Current Favorite Lipsticks

Hello everyone!

Tonight I thought I’d share my favorite lipsticks at the moment. Now full confession: I don’t wear them every day because I go nanny 3 days a week, and the kids could really care less about what my makeup looks like. So, when I have the chance to wear them I really enjoy it:)

Here are my 3 favorites:


I’ve been really liking nude lips lately, and my favorite at the moment is by Maybelline. It’s 915 Blushing Beige. I normally love dark lips for Fall just because it’s the only time you can really get away with a super dark lip, but I’ve loved putting on this nude lipstick and adding a bit of a gloss over to change the shade just a little. I’ve been wearing Rose Hill or Butter Cream by Gerard Cosmetics a lot over this and really loving it.


Second, I looove Bite Beauty Lip Liner in Nutmeg. Seriously obsessed with this thing. I use it almost every day and get nervous when I can’t feel it in my purse. It’s  the perfect shade of a ‘my natural lips but better’ liner, and doesn’t look like you’re adding a crazy amount of color to your lips at all. I feel like I’m going through it really fast, but I cannot help myself!


Finally, I’ve been really loving Make Up For Ever Rough in 6N. It’s kind of along the same lines as the Bite Liner, as it is similar to my lip shade but it does leave much more of a sheen on the lips. It’s really hydrating and I don’t get that icky dry lipstick feeling after a while that you can get with some other brands, or matte lipsticks.

Lipsticks are swatched in order that I’ve listed them here:)


What have your favorites been?


As always–leave comments below for posts you’d like to see or anything else you’d like added! Thanks!

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