Tutorial: Halloween Collab with theangelbeauty :)

Happy tutorial day loves!!

Tonights post is a Collab I did with Julia (theangelbeauty1 on twitter). We decided to do a combination post–I would supply a costume idea and she would come up with a fun Halloween treat for everyone. We know this is going up late, and with my being sick this week it got quite delayed on my part! Sorry for that! But–her fun post can be found by clicking here. She made brownie ghost bites that look amazing!

For my part I’ve decided to do a classic, easy, and for a lot of people a go-to costume idea when they don’t have much time to put one together: a cat:)

What you will need to achieve this look:

  • brown/neutral shadows for your eyes–just make a super simple blended look around them so the liner has something to go on top of
  • black eye liner pencil
  • black liquid liner (option for the whiskers)
  • very pink eye shadow or blush
  • black eye shadow
  • pencil brush


Start out by drawing on your nose and extending it all the way down your cupid’s bow and add in some dots on the side for your whiskers to be added in later. I prefer the classic 5 dot style, but I’ve seen some girls do a small cluster of 3 that also looks really cute


Add in some thick winged liner. The key to making your eyes more cat shaped is to add an inner wing near your tear duct. To do this simply follow the natural curve of your upper lash line–just like you would do when doing your outer winged liner. Then I made that line thicker until it met up with my lower line.













Then take your bright pink color and pop it on your cheeks above where you created the base for your whiskers. I used a Morphe shadow, but any bright blush will do:)


Now onto the lips. I dipped a pencil brush into a matte black shadow and started to blend out the liner that was at my upper lip. This is a great alternative to not using liner all the way across your upper lip. I simply blended out the color until I felt my lip was dark enough to create a cat effect.


The second step for the lips is something I really haven’t seen done before all the often, but I felt made a really big difference in giving my face a bit of an altered shape. I took the remaining black on my brush and extended my lip line in a diagonal. I think this makes more of the narrowed mouth effect of the nose of a cat, and doesn’t make your makeup look any less pretty:)


The final step! This is where I pulled out a liquid liner. I felt that the whiskers would look thinner and lighter of it was done with a fine tip as opposed to using my thicker pencil. This step is pretty easy–just draw little whiskers up your cheeks:)

And your done! I hope you all enjoyed this look!





Have a wonderful Halloween!


I can't not add this one.. I thinks it's just too funny
I can’t not add this one.. I thinks it’s just too funny to not share:) xo

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