Mandarie Monday’s: Week 1

Welcome to the first Mandarie Monday! Yay!

I figured we could start with some kind of general information about me this time–likes, dislikes, favorites, family, etc.

Current goings on in my life:
My hubby and I just got married this past June and we are currently saving up to (hopefully) have enough for a down payment on a townhome in a few months. I honestly cannot wait! There are too many decorations that I see but, I don’t have the house to craft for yet! Haha It’s been a hard time trying to figure out where we will be financially as we are both going through some job change currently, but you have to stay positive right?

I am nannying for a family full time near where we live. It was the perfect full time job while doing prep for the wedding as it allows for extreme flexibility, but I’m really missing using my major more. I have a Bachelor’s in Child, Adult, and Family Services and I really want to get back into that field. I’m currently working towards finding a new job/looking at graduate programs:)

What we did this weekend:
Zach went to college in South Dakota and still has several really good friends out there, so we went to visit for the weekend and to watch their rival football game:) It was quite cold, but so good to see everyone! We had about 12 of us there and it had been way too long since we all got together. Living apart from people you once spent every day with is such a hard thing to adjust to after moving away. We both made great friends during college, but so many of us are all in different states now:( Just about 2 years later for me and I’m still missing it like crazy.

Major favorites:
PASTA. Cannot get enough of it. I’m a carb girl and won’t deny it at all. I loove spending days curled up in cozy blankets watching movies, and if I could stay like that all the time I would. Makeup–of course. It’s always been something I loved, but never took it to the next level. I’m loving experimenting with it and seeing what else I can do with it. My family. Kind of an easy one, but I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. My parents are such a huge support system for Zach and I right now and I can’t ever thank them enough. My cousin’s and I all grew up seeing each other  once a week and are honestly more like extra siblings for me. I love them all to pieces!

Pet Peeves:
Chewing with your mouth open. If I can hear your food I have a problem. Same thing with gum. I hate the smacking. Ish. When people talk through a tv show or a movie that neither of us have seen. I’m all about explaining what is going on in a show, but answering questions as they may be explaining it literally drives me crazy–anyone else?! Hahaha One final pet peeve: when the dryer eats one of my socks. I’m currently typing this with only one fuzzy sock on because apparently the laundry came up with out the other…I swear it’s some conspiracy between the sock people and the dryer companies..

I think that’s all that I rant of for this week! Does any of this sound like you too? Let me know I’m not alone! :))

Talk with you all tomorrow for Tip Tuesday!



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