Neautral Smokey Eye Using Lorac Pro Palette

Happy Sunday Fun-day loves!

I did this look yesterday for a sorority sister’s wedding (my grandma in the house for all my other greek bloggers:) ) and really loved how it turned out. Especially since I ended up doing all of my makeup in the car on the way there…

For this look I only used shadows from the Lorac Pro Palette–with the exception of MAC Shroom that I use as my highlight all the time.

I started off by going over my whole lid with the color Champagne. I took this color up higher than my crease to use as a blending color for all the other shadows I was going to use. Then I took the color Gold and pressed it into the corner of the lid to start building up some of the golden the color. I then added Sable into my crease to start smoking out the shadows before I went for my darkest color; Espresso. I absolutely love this color, but it is really easy to take more than you need if you don’t tap some of the excess product off. However, it does blend out beautifully:) I used Espresso on an E45 Small Tapered Blending brush from Sigma and created a small triangle in the very outer edge of my lid. By blending this out it created a really dark smokey effect with the gold tones that I used before. I was very careful to not take Espresso farther than about my pupil so it didn’t get too dark though. Sable was brought all the way across my lid but very lightly, and only when there wasn’t much product left of the brush. I combined Espresso and Gold for my lower lash line. I put Espresso on an E15 Flat Definer brush from Sigma all the way across and then blended it out with Gold on a pencil brush.

For mascara I used Miss Manga by L’Oreal in the shade Black Brown. I’ve never purchased a brown mascara before, but I picked this one up on accident and I’m actually kind of enjoying it. Especially with these gold/brown colors. Obviously, if I used any black shadow it would drive my crazy, but for this look I think it works well.

This is what my final looked ended up being: image

I hope that all makes sense! If a video would be more helpful for you all just comment below letting me know and I’d be happy to make one:)

I’ll do an Outfit of the Day post soon with my whole look along with a how to for my hair as well. If you’d like to see a sneak peak of my hair you can check out my Instagram: Mandarie_14


8 thoughts on “Neautral Smokey Eye Using Lorac Pro Palette

  1. In general how are you liking the Miss Manga? I’ve been wanting to try it! I absolutely love this eyeshadow look! I haven’t tried any MAC shadows but love their lipstick. Is the color shroom your favorite? Can’t wait to see the rest of your outfit and hair!

    1. I love Miss Manga! It makes all my smaller lashes look so much bigger and holds a curl really well:) Shroom is just a beautiful highlight. It’s the perfect shade for the inner corner, brow bone and one that can be used for cheek bones as well. I just haven’t found any other highlight that looks as beautiful:)

      1. Where I live the roads are full of pot holes lol, I tried to do mascara once in the car and could only do it when we were in traffic lol x

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