Review: Rimmel 25 Hour Wear Foundation


I bought this foundation just about a week ago and I am really liking it.

How I apply the foundation: I use my fingers to apply this foundation. I feel like it gets pressed into my skin much better this way, and I know that all the product I’m using actually stays on my skin. After I have blended it pretty well myself, I go over my whole face with a Sigma F80 brush with no additional foundation on it to blend it all out and create a more flawless finish.

Product overview: It is a very liquidy formula. I shook the bottle slightly one of the first times I used it, and it got all over the inside of the cap. For being as thin as it is it mattifies my skin really well. I’m really happy with it–however I do not honestly think it’s actually 24 hour wear. To it’s credit though it stays on my face from around 7 am until I take it off around 9 pm that night. So, it is very long wearing. I’ve also noticed a lot less oil coming through when using this foundation. I’ve been combining this with Benefit’s Dr. Feelgood and it’s been working really well for me.




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