NuMe Curling Wand: 25mm

Hi loves!

Today I thought I would just tell you all about a product I’m completely in love with. If you haven’t heard of the brand don’t worry, I was completely unaware it existed until I was watching one of Jaclyn Hill’s videos about a year (?) ago. I’ve had the want for just about a year myself and it’s still a go to for me.

The wonderful product I’m talking about is a Classic Curling Wand from NuMe. They honestly create the best working curling wand I’ve ever used in my life. I can sleep in these curls and they still look great–how many drugstore curling wands/irons are able to do that? The Classic Curling Wands range in sizes: 13, 19, 25 and 32mm. Essentially really tight ringlet curls to loose beachy waves. I personally decided to go for the 25mm size because it allows me to create loose curls but also be able to brush them out to create that beach-y look that everyone is loving.

What I honestly love most about this wand is the way it holds a curl. I know that I can style my hair this way and not wake up to a complete hot mess the next morning. The curls you get with this wand are so beautiful and shiny and almost smooths my hair as you curl it. I cannot say enough wonderful things about it. They always have great promotional codes going on as well. Right now their Titanium wants are BOGO, you can get a TITAN 3 (which is one wand with an interchangeable barrel) plus a flat iron for less than $140 dollars. So, definitely don’t pay full price, but invest in one of these guys. This is the company that changed the curling iron game with the clipless barrel.

My wand is here.

Titanium wands are here.

The TITAN 3 is here.

When styling I hold the curls for a couple seconds after to let the curl set and allow the hair to cool down a bit before letting it go. This is essentially pinning your hair after curling but much easier. Obviously if you do curl and immediately pin your hair until it cools the curls will be tighter that using my method, but I tend to like the 25mm curls to loosen a bit.

The only thing that I would say to be careful of is that the barrel gets really, really hot. NuMe wands come with a protective glove and I really suggest using it until you get the hand of curling with a clipless wand.

If you go to my Instagram (Mandarie_14) you can see the curls the day I curl them as well as the day after picture:) I’ll be at a wedding this weekend and I think I’ll be using this to style my hair, so I’ll be sure to post some pictures then as well.



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