Shaving Time & Money

Yes, I did mean to type Shaving:)

I’m not sure if all of you have seen the Dollar Shave Club commercials or not but you really should…if you haven’t search it on YouTube. Or click here. My husband literally laughs through the entire thing. Every time he watches it. Seriously. They apparently also have wipes?? He just about died laughing.

He has been talking recently about signing up for the program because, it seems like a much better plan than spending almost 15 dollars for a few replacement heads for his razors–compared to their $1 a month it definitely is! I’ve been talking with Dollar Shave Club and we thought it would be a fun idea for me to share my tips on Shaving Time & Money. Shaving Time and Money is something that Dollar Shave Club really prides themselves on. They are built on the premise of saving you time (the razors ship to your door) and money (hello. It’s a dollar.)

You can find all the information about the razors they offer here.
They pride themselves on helping people shave time and money every day by providing great razors that are shipped right to your door for as low as a buck a month! (Let’s be honest when is that not going to be super helpful?!)

For my post I decided to create kind of a blend of tips. Since I am primarily a beauty blog there will be beauty, skincare, clothing, etc tips, but also some just every day things I have picked up along the way. So, let’s get into my tips for you guys shall we:

  1. Plan out what you’re going to wear the next day the night before. Sometimes this means just thinking of a specific shirt I want to wear before bed and not physically laying it out, but doing that honestly has saved me so so much time in the mornings.
  2. I eat breakfast while I’m letting my moisturizer absorb into my skin instead of just standing and waiting a few minutes for it to completely soak in.
  3. This one can count as saving time as well as money. Do not go grocery shopping without a list. There have been way too many times we’ve gone out with just a few things in mind, and then ended up going up and down every single aisle. Then end up spending way too much money at checkout. Make a plan:)
  4. Time saver: let your mascara dry on your nose, eye lid, cheek, where ever you get it…don’t try and wipe it off. You’ll spend what seems like hours trying to get all the black off. Have it dry completely take a cotton swab and gently roll it back and forth and poof–it’s gone!
  5. If you have a favorite store or some store that you go to often sign up for the emails that they send. Some are obnoxious, yes, but sometimes you’ll get discount where you need to show an email. I’ve had 50% of jeans from a few stores doing that:)
  6. Don’t pass up some of your drugstore brands of makeup just for a high end option. I’m honestly loving my $8 foundation much more than any other that I have used before.
  7. Have a 5 minute face that you can do in the mornings if you’re running low on time. Know a foundation, concealer, and mascara that you can apply really quickly and you’re good to go.
  8. Invest in dry shampoo. HUGE time saver for when you don’t have  all the time in the morning to shower…or you just get a little lazy. You can see my favorites and other tips on that here.
  9. In the winter I cut down on how often I get pedicures. I choose to focus on moisturizing over how nice the polish looks. I got a pair of Shea socks from Bath & Body Works that I put on at night a couple times a week and it makes a huge difference. The ones I bought are here. I have the raccoon ones:) Spending around $10 on a pair of socks versus a pedicure that runs around $25 is a no-brainer for me.
  10. My biggest tip for actually saving money: pay yourself first. I put at least 10% of any paycheck I get into my savings account. Then I don’t think I have extra money I can just spend whenever I want.


**Disclaimer** I am in contact with this company and they know that I  wrote a post about them, but all tips and ideas are mine. It was my choice as to what I gave tips on.


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