My Latest Shoe Obsession

I am literally obsessed with these ankle boots. They are the perfect transition shoe and I just honestly want to wear them every. single. day. I found them at a Nordstrom sale and they were just too cute to leave behind: AKA I came up with enough reasons I liked them to convince myself that they were a necessary addition to my wardrobe:)

Here they are:


They are made by the brand ‘Hinge’–I’ve honestly never heard of them before I found this bootie, but I now want almost everything they make. The name of the shoe is: ‘Dresden’ Caged Leather Bootie. It also comes in black if that’s more your style:)

They have a ‘caged’ effect going up the whole shoe–essentially cut outs from the fabric, a back sipper, and I’d say just over a 3 inch heel. These shoes are surprisingly comfortable to walk in as well. Since the heel is chunky and not just a little pin to land on, it provides a lot more surface for your heel to balance on, therefore making it easier and less stressful to walk in. I walked around the mall for a good hour after buying them and didn’t feel any discomfort at all!

You can find other Hinge shoes, clothes, and accessories here.

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