Blemish? No Problem.

Happy Hump Day loves!

Tonight I thought I’d share my tips and tricks for dealing with one of life’s most dreaded facial problems: blemishes. Let’s dive in shall we😊


My first go to product any time that I have a blemish is a face mask by Lush the Mask of Magnaminty. This stuff is honestly amazing you guys!! I apply this mask to clean skin/or at least after using a makeup removing wipe for about 10-15 minutes before washing it off my face. Most of the time this means I out it on before I shower at night, and then I wash it off after I’m done with all my shower stuff. It leaves me skin feeling so smooth and so refreshed. This mask does definitely have a ‘minty’ feel to it, so if that’s something that bothers you it may not be the best for you. To me this feeling just very cooling and slightly tingly on my skin while it is working. That honestly may be my only con for this mask–and it will only be a con for certain people. I love everything about it!!


My other go to and necessity is by Mario Badescu. His Drying Lotion is honestly like a little bottle of skin magic. I put this on before bed and let it sink in and by the morning my blemish is almost gone if not completely gone. It’s a great spot treatment if you don’t have time for a full mask or if you have one of those deep under the skin pimples–in my experience it takes away the size and discomfort that comes from them.

Tips for this product: do not shake it! That’s not how the ingredients work together. Use a q tip and dip it all the way down to the powder substance at the bottom and then for it onto your problem area until it is completely covered. I apply this before putting on any oil or moisturizer for the night, and then avoid touching that area after the medication has been applied.


7 thoughts on “Blemish? No Problem.

  1. Eeek I’ve been dealing with a stupid blemish these past few days. One of those that are RIGHT in the middle of your face that everyone can see no matter how you try to conceal it. You know the ones 😦 I actually am going to try this drying lotion. I think it will help. Also, the Lush products look great.

    1. Oh yes, when it is almost impossible to cover it up and (for me at least) it’s all I think about when I’m talking to people haha. They Drying Lotion will honestly make a difference in the size of it–and used in combination with the mask my face clears up so, so quickly! I really hope this helps you!

  2. The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is serious stuff, but you’re right about it working! I have to be careful with it because it’ll dry my skin out but it definitely helps with those really deep cysts.
    I really like all the ideas you have for posts and I nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you’d like to take a look at my post & comment I’d much appreciate it!

    1. Yes, it can definitely dry your skin out if it covers to large of a spot, or gets on skin other than a blemish. That is so sweet of you and means so much to net hat you think that! I’ve actually already been nominated and did a post but thank you for thinking of me!! I’ll be sure to check out your post:)

      1. You’re welcome, now I know what you meant when you said I could check out your post. Oops! Reading comments in reverse order can be tricky. I’ll go take a look!

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