Sonia Kashuk Brush Review: #113

Hello blogging friends!

I have recently found a new love and appreciation for one of my Sonaik Kashuk brushes. It’s a large
angled contour brush number 113, which is similar to what a lot of people like to use for blush, but I honestly love it for my bronzer and creating a contour much more than for my blushes.


The bristles on the brush aren’t the softest in the entire world, but they do a great job applying product smoothly to my cheeks. It blends my bronzer out really well! I originally bought it as a blush brush because, these brushes are great for softly sweeping the product across cheek bones, but the curve in the bristles perfectly contours my cheek.

This brush combined with my Hula Bronzer from Benefit is my new obsession. Especially now that we are getting into the cooler months here, and my tan will be gone soon I’m sure…this combination will be a good one to have:) To create my contour I brush the product right under my heck bones, under my jaw (please don’t forget to blend the crap out of that step!!), and the temples of my forehead blended all the way across. If you’d like a full contour routine just let me know and I’d be happy to take pictures step by step:)

This brush is available at Target, so it’s very budget friendly. It’s only $9.99! Great brush for a great price:)

Hope that helps some one you find your next contour brush!




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