How To: Create a Cat Eye/Winged Liner Look

Here is a quick tutorial for you all to achieve that winged eye liner look that everyone is love right now:)

  1. Find where your perfect line should be. I think there are two ways that you can do this: 1) make a diagonal line going up following the natural curve of your lower lash line (they way I prefer to do), or 2) pulling down your upper lash line (before applying any other liner to your eye) and following that line just extended as we do in the other option. The first picture will be to find the angle and curve of your lover lash line. The second will show the line added in:)



  2. Line the rest of your eye as you would normally. It can sometimes help to pay more attention to the shape of the line you’re creating. You should always try to create a rounded line and not one that just goes straight across.


  3. Connect your line to the rest of your liner just a bit down from the very top of your line. This keeps the curved look that you created before with your line and really accentuates that flicked out look that makes the cat eye so flattering.


  4. Go over your whole line one more time just to be sure it’s completely smooth and there are no spots that you may have missed filling in.
  5. Have patience! This is going to take a few times to figure out and it’s going to look goofy the first time you try–unless you’re just a pro and can get it perfect the first time:)

Making the choice between Gel Liner and Liquid Liner:
It’s honestly quite different and it’s really depends on the person which one works the best.

Gel Liner: can be a bit tricky to learn with, but I actually prefer it to liquid liner. I think the gel creates a prettier look that isn’t quite so ‘flat’ in your eye. That may not make complete sense, but I’m not sure how else to explain it.  I really like Maybelline’s Gel Liner, but I don’t use the brush that is comes with–I prefer using a Sigma E65 which I think makes it easier to create the wing.

Liquid Liner: is normally much easier option for people to learn with. A con though is that there is a little less time to mess around with it before it dries and is set for the day. For example, my favorite liner is the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liner is fabulous, but once it dries and sets–it is not moving. At all. For that reason I preferred learning with the gel because it moved around a little bit more for me:) 

I’m taking the pictures now with the Stila Liquid Liner and will post them very soon:) Check my Instagram to see when they are loaded!




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