How To: Shape Your Brows

Disclaimer: I do not know everything about brows or claim to:) Mine are not perfect, but I thought I’d share some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. 

So here are some of the most important things to remember when it comes to your brows:


  • Follow their natural shape. This will always be the most flattering shape for you:)
  • Fill them in. Simple and makes a huge difference
  • Try out different formulas–some people prefer powder to a pencil or gel. See what works best for you


  • over-tweeze your brows. Thin can be in sometimes but mostly you can end up looking surprised and other emotions that you’re not trying to convey 
  • try and make them the exact same shade as your hair. Brows are supposed to be a few shades darker than your hair color
  • use liners that aren’t made for brows on your brows. Again simple but this can be how some people end up with super severe brows

To get the main shape that you want you should remember 3 things:

1. Place your tweezer vertically on one side of your nose and have that be one ‘end’ point of your brow, Do the same on the other side of your nose. (Don’t mind how beautiful these pictures are…I’m sleepy…and it’s Sunday..


2. Place a liner or tweezer just to the side of your nose, just as before, then have it go on a diagonal so it goes through your pupil. That should be the arch or ‘highest point’ of your brow


3. Finally to make the ‘tail’ or end of your brow have your liner or tweezer start at the side of your nose and hit the outer corner of your eye. It should hit just about where your brow naturally ends, so you shouldn’t really need to make your brow any shorter than it is. As a rule of thumb, don’t make your brow a lot shorter than it grows naturally. This final tip is more of a guide for where to create the darker tip with your brow gel or pencil.


I hope this helped and was an interesting read:) Do you guys have any tips to add?



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