My Growing MAC Shadow Collection (With Swatches!)

I have a huge love for MAC Cosmetics in general, and I just adore their shadows. They are so pigmented and really, really easy to apply and blend out. I decided to do a quick post today on a few of the new pans that I have purchased from them:)

A quick tip: buy the pans only! Not only are they cheaper, but when you go on vacation or need to pack you makeup for anything you can pop in and out different shadows, blushes, etc and only bring the ones that you need in a Z Palette:) This has saved me a ton of room on multiple occasions.

Hope you enjoy!


In this picture all the shimmer shadows are on the top, with the mattes on the bottom so it doesn’t get too confusing. From left to right on the top the colors are: Green Smoke, Texture, Sable, & Sushi Flower. From left to right on the bottom: Copperplate, Wedge, & Yogurt. Below you’ll find a close-up of each color at a swatch of all the colors:)

*Sorry for my icky chipped polish:)*







Sushi Flower:







imageI completely failed and did my swatches in a different order so here is a list for you:) From top to bottom the shadows are: Shushi Flower, Yogurt, Wedge, Sable, Texture, Copperplate, & Green-Smoke


I tried to get yogurt as close as I could to Sushi Flower to have it show up a bit more, but it’s just such a soft color that it isn’t very easy to see. It is a beautiful all over lid color when you’re adding darker shades on top though! I reach for it way more that I would have ever thought.


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