GAP Haul!


So I’m going to start this off by fully admitting I’m obsessed with GAP. I cannot go into the store without finding 27 things that I need (Yes, I do need these sweaters/jeans/tops, I don’t have them in this style. Hopefully you all do this too :)) and then add in to that potentially buying half of those things. I get points on my GAP card, so it’s really like they are paying me to shop right… 🙂

I did actually end up saving more than I spent during this trip–some stuff was 50% off and it was also a 40% off deal for card holders. Win win for me! I’ll give you a run down on everything I got and then a quick description on how I plan to wear it.


The first thing that I got was this simply blue/grey top. Its comfy and easy to pair with everything. Tip: Neutrals (black, white, grey, brown, oatmeal, navy) go with everything. EVERYTHING.  When in doubt add in a neutral top or pant to a new or bold item and you’re good to go:)


I picked up this top for 2 reasons. 1) it was 12 dollars and I just couldn’t resist and 2) because my hubby and I just joined a gym and I thought getting a couple new things to wear to the gym would help me get there:) Pair with: gym clothes–if they’re there to judge they aren’t working hard enough!


Then I picked up a simple plain white shirt–enough said. There is always a need for a simple white shirt like this. I love the way white shirts look with a pair of darker denim; especially if they are a bit distressed (it really pulls out the lighter colors of the fabric). Otherwise I think these are great to pair with a brighter color or a pattern so that your outfit doesn’t get too overwhelming for me.

imageI love this shirt! It’s so cozy and soft–it makes me so excited for fall weather:) This shirt is a mint colored baseball tee. It is a little longer as you can see which means–leggings! I’m all for being cozy and I think this would be really cute with a pair of black leggings and my black TOMS or a pair of boots when it gets a lot  cooler.


Another baseball tee:) I am apparently going to be really big into this style for a bit! This again was just a super soft and comfortable material. This one isn’t quite as long at the previous style so it probably wont be a legging shirt for me, but I had on a pair of boyfriend jeans when I tried this on and it looked so nice together. This is a great shirt you can just throw on with anything (again because its a neutral!) and it will look great.


Moving onto sweaters! The color in this picture just didn’t turn out very well but its a very soft minty/blue with a little cuff on the sleeves. I just thought that this was going to be a perfect transition shirt. You know, for those days you’ll sweat in a full sweater, but you still want to not freeze in a regular tee in the mornings. This I think you could easily dress up or down. During the day having it paired with a pair of jeans or capris with flats/sandals then adding in some wedges/heels and fun statement necklace would easily transition it for night.


I am completely in love with this sweater! It was one of the first things I picked up. I am going to wear the hell out of it this coming fall/winter seasons. It’s such a soft feminine pink and has a beautiful pattern going through it. I also really like that the back is cut just a little bit longer than the front–making it not just a regular run-of-the-mill sweater. They have tons of colors in this style as well:) Again, one of the huge reasons I love GAP so much, this can be worn with lots of different things. Wear it with jeans to be more casual or pair it with black pants or khakis to dress it up a bit.


Again–work out clothes were on sale and by like almost 70% so I needed to get them. This is the view of the back of the leggings and I thought the blue striping was just so cute–also it’s gonna make my booty look a little better and that’s always a good thing:)


GAP Yoga pants… honestly obsessed with them. They really probably will show up again in my August Favorites because I think they are that amazing. They are thicker than regular yoga pants that you can get at Target or somewhere similar to there which I love because it makes them a bit warmer. I also really like how long they are–they just skim the floor when I have them on. I honestly have a pet peeve about having my pants be too short; I sit down in everything to see how high they are off the floor…I know I’m crazy, don’t worry… Anyways–can’t say enough good things about them. If you don’t have a pair I suggest going to try on a pair for yourself:)


A staple that I think every woman needs: Dark wash skinny jeans. Wear them on cooler summer nights, out for drinks, paired with boots in the fall, able to fit into heavy duty boots for Minnesota winters:), and just plain flattering on every one. Kind of a random purchase, but it’s not too often you get jeans for 40% off, right? I also really like this pair because they have some stretch in them which allows me to add a small cuff to change the look of the jeans. GAP jeans are my favorite brand of jeans now and have been for quite some time. They fit my body type really well and they always have a few lengths to choose from (I get regular in boot cut or flared jeans but ankle length in skinny jeans so they don’t get too bunched at the bottom.

Well I think that’s all I have for tonight:) Let me know if you enjoyed this post by liking or leaving me a comment and I’ll try and do more like this. Thank you so much for reading!



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