Liebster Award :)

Today I woke up to an email saying I was nominated for the Liesbter Award. I was nominated by 2 wonderful girls: Pluanna & Makeup Retreat

The rules of the award:
1. Link back to the person who nominated you
2. Answer 11 questions given to you by a blogger who nominated you
3. Nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers and come up with 11 questions for them to answer
4. Let them know about the nomination!

Some of the questions I was asked by Makeup Retreat:

4. How did you come up with your blogging name?
This one is easy:) My name is Amanda Marie and Mandarie is what my family would call me, and sometimes still do. That or Manders:)

5. What drives you in life?
The desire to make a difference in someone’s life or even just their day. I previously had my Social Work License and I also loved my job as a preschool teacher. Before that I had done an internship in a senior living community with full spectrum care. I absolutely loved it. With each job/opportunity I tried to take time to stop what I was busy doing and just enjoy the people I was surrounded with and show them I cared about what was going on in their life. The amount of thank you’s and wonderful comments from parents, co-workers, and residents was absolutely amazing. You never know if your smile or your hours of work putting something together will completely change someone’s day. Even with this blog it’s my hope that it was be someone else’s escape just as it is with me. Doing this I can forget about what needs to be done before I go to bed, or what stressful thing happened at  work–I get to just relax and write about something I’m passionate about. Everyone needs something like that:) Working for others and putting a big smile on someone’s face who I hadn’t see smile in days drives me to do even more the next time.

6. What is the one piece of clothing item that you think everyone should have?
I think the cliche of the LBD is true, but I honestly don’t think that many of us actually have that as our go to look for day to day life. I don’t think I would survive without a pair of black leggings or a well fitting pair of jeans. I know that’s two pieces and kiiind of cheating, but it’s so true. Leggings because they are comfy (that’s always a plus) and you can wear them in lots of way–tucked into boots, with sandals to be more casual, on their own with a tshirt on the weekends, and so on. A good fitting pair of jeans are essential because they can be dressed up or down and always make you look amazing.

7. Do you have a favorite perfume?
Loveswept by Philosophy. I am crazy about it. I wore it on my wedding day and now it just floods me with all those memories when I put it on.

8. Who are you favorite youtubers?
I am completely obsessed with Jaclyn Hill (I’ve been watching her videos for literally years) and ItsJudysLife. I also really love Zoella, Nicole Guerierro, missglamorazzi, and the SacconeJolys 🙂

9. What is your favorite song currently?
Anything by Thomas Rhett:) If you haven’t heard him yet and like country check him out!!

10. What’s your favorite quote?
“i carry your heart. I carry it in my heart.” It’s part of a poem by e.e. Cummings and it just honestly has become a part of me. I even had it piped all around my wedding cake:) If you haven’t had a chance to read it I highly suggest it–it’s not long at all and an easy read, but it is powerful.

A few of the questions from Pluanna:

1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I would live in Ireland. It has always been a dream of mine.

2. What is your all time favourite beauty product?
For sure it would have to be MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear concealer. It’s completely amazing.

4. How old are you?
23 but very soon to be 24!

8. Any hair, makeup, skincare tips you would like to share with everyone?
Hair: find a good dry shampoo. Even if your hair isn’t greasy it adds a little extra boost of volume.
Makeup: Find a good foundation brush or invest in a Beauty Blender. It makes A HUGE difference in how your makeup applies.
Skincare: Use a serum! I have struggled with combo/oily skin and larger pores for years and after adding a serum to my routine I see a huge difference in my skin. Check out L’Oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector:)

9. In what clothing store do you shop the most?
I love GAP. I hardly ever go in there not finding something that I love. I really like their clothes for the simple reason they they really are staple pieces. Black sweaters. White tanks. Good fitting jeans… the list can go on:)

10. What colours do you wear the most? Fashion wise.
I tend to be pretty boring with my daily outfits. I have lots and lots of black, grey, and white that gets used a ton. I am also really drawn to blues, pinks, and most recently oatmeal colors:)

11. What is your all time favourite outfit?
Honestly my wedding dress–but I know that shouldn’t count:) I really love fall outfits. Wearing a pair of brown riding boots with leggins or skinny jeans paired with a longer shirt and sweater combo has to be my favorite go to outfit that I love and always feel comfortable with. Add a fun scarf or bigger earings to add some more fun to it!


My 11 random fun facts:

1. I wear contacts but only one. Just my left eye needs one.

2. I married my high school sweetheart in June.

3. I have a freckle in my eye that my husband noticed before I did…

4. I have one niece and two nephews.

5. My favorite color is purple.

6. I have way more pajamas than I will ever need but continue to buy more 🙂

7. I have very small feet. I’m a size 5.5-6.

8. My cat thinks he’s a dog. Seriously.

9. I shop at Target like I have a lot more money than I actually do.

10. I love crafting.

11. I would love to live abroad someday.

My 11 Nominations:

Rain Coates Beauty


Following Your Beauty


More to come! I just really wanted to get this up tonight!

xo Mandarie



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