July Favorites: 2014

Here are my favorites for this month:) The categories will probably change from month to month, but there will probably be a little bit of everything each time!

Favorite Face Moisturizer: For day time I’m loving Origins GinZing moisturizer (I have almost used up my whole container) and for evening I’ve been using Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil. For my skin the Boscia oil is too much to be put on before makeup, as it can be used, but it has been working great for me in my nightly routine. I think I’ve finally found my perfect combination for my skin at the moment–it looks so, so much healthier.

Favorite Face Mask: I try and use the Lush Mask of Magnaminty at least once or twice a week. I don’t always make that happen, but when I do I can tell a difference in my skins appearance. It has such a great invigorating smell and feeling to it–you skin just feels so clean and healthy when it is washed off. I will often apply this before getting into the shower and then have it be the last thing that I wash off before I get out.

Favorite Foundation: L’Oreal Tru Match Lumi Foundation. I’m using shade W3 at the moment. I love how thin this foundation feels on the skin! It’s honestly my perfect summer foundation. It gives good coverage without making it look like you have a ton of makeup on your face–you can still see my freckles with one layer on but my skin tone is completely evened out.

Favorite Eye Shadow: MAC Cosmetic’s eye shadow in Naked Lunch. It’s a perfect shadow to put all over your eye and just just blend out with a brown or bronzer you have. It’s been my go to combination for a while:)

Favorite Lip Gloss: Easiest favorite of the moth–Whitening Lightening lip gloss in Butter Cream. I am completely obsessed with this gloss. It doesn’t leave my lips sticky and doesn’t dry out my lips as I wear it throughout the day. Butter Cream and the formula from Whitening Lightening is using is easily the best gloss I’ve ever owned.

Favorite New Clothing Purchase: I actually have two favorites for this category–a pair of yoga pants from GAP (GapFit gFlex heathered pants) and a sweater from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I honestly probably own half of what is in my mall’s GAP at any given time, but I’ve never purchased any of their yoga pants. I had several pairs from Target and I always thought yoga pants are yoga pants and I just don’t need 7 different variations. So. Wrong. These are so much more comfortable and I just can’t get over how well they fit me! My other favorite is a sweater I got from the Nordstrom Anniversay Sale from the brand Caslon and has just a simple small stripe pattern in the color Stone/Beige, but it is so cute! It’s a super simple purchase, but I know I will get so much use out of it:) It can be found here.

Favorite TV Show: Boy Meets World:) My husband and I have ordered the last 3 seasons we needed to have all 7 and have been watching them together almost every day. We only do 1 or 2 episodes each night, but it’s such a great way for us to unwind at the end of a day. I’ve always loved the show, but I just can’t get enough of it right now. I still remember how it was a part of the TGIF lineup and I was just as obsessed with Cory & Topanga then as I am now.


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