Self Confidence

Hello & Happy Hump Day:)

Today I wanted to get a little bit more personal and not as much makeup and beauty based; today I want to talk about an issue most, if not all of us, deal with: self confidence.

I feel like the world we live in is constantly hitting us with pressure. Telling us how we need to act, what we should like, how we should feel about things, and most importantly how we should feel about ourselves based on how we look. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t get some reminder of what I ‘should’ look like, or what my imperfections are.

We live in the world of facebook, instagram, twitter, and numerous other social media sites. I feel like there is just so much pressure put onto how many likes your status gets on facebook, how many likes/followers you can get on Instagram, and so on. No matter what site it is there is a way for you to know if you have looked pretty enough, said the right thing, or done something good enough to have your peers and friends acknowledge it for you. If you don’t get enough likes you feel bad, almost like you’re just not good enough for people to notice.

Let’s be honest here, the media and sometimes the people you are friends with show you what you’re ‘worth’ based on how much attention your page gets. Your self worth shouldn’t be based on how many people like your photo. You don’t need to have thousands or even just hundreds of followers to feel like you’re good enough. I get this anxious feeling every time I post something. I say to myself: Does this sound stupid? Will people think this isn’t worth reading? Will no one like my photo? What if someone laughs? What I want to say to myself is: Who cares? If I like this picture then it doesn’t matter if 25 other people do too. This old thought process of constantly trying to be good enough is so drilled in our heads that it’s kind of hard to take that leap and just be our genuine selves. to get to the place where we don’t care if no one likes our picture, or if someone sees what you see as a flaw in yourself.

How many of us would be dressing differently, doing makeup differently, posting other articles that we find intriguing if we just didn’t care as much about what people thought of us? My new goal is to do that: not care as much.

For the most part I’ve kept this blog a secret because I’m worried someone will think it’s silly that I’ve decided to do this (I don’t even like my husband reading), but I want to not care as much anymore. I want to just have fun with this and not be worried that someone will think, “Oh, she made a blog?” The people who love me and know me as my genuine self, and not just as the Amanda that tries to please everyone by keeping quiet about thoughts and likes or dislikes, will know this is what I love doing and what is a true passion for me.

Hopefully this was something that at least one of you can relate to and got something out of. I might do more posts like this in the future depending on my mood:) It honestly just felt so good to type that all out–almost a calming feeling.

Have a wonderful rest of your night!
xo Mandarie


2 thoughts on “Self Confidence

  1. I agree with each word you wrote! And I still keep my blog secret since I am scared or maybe embarrassed of what people I personally know might think….

    Anyway, great post and a great blog. I am clicking that follow button with pleasure! Check out my blog if you have any free time 🙂

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