Benefit Coralista Blush: Pictures & Swatches

I have been using this blush literally every single day this month. There is just no comparing this blush to others right now in my mind:) Wearing one of my other blushes just isn’t the same. I feel like this adds that extra pop and something extra to my every day simple, summer makeup.

Here is what we will be talking about: Benefit’s Coralista blush



The inside:
I really tried to get a picture to show the beautiful coral color as well as the shimmer that it has.



A swatch:


This Benefit blush is definitely a subtle one. You can see the pinky/gold shimmer going across my hand from about my wrist to pointer finger. This isn’t going to be your bright pop of color, or your bronzed summer color either. It’s somewhere in between that–it gives that beautiful inner glow that looks amazing on everyone! Coralista definitely has shimmer in it, but it isn’t that icky glitter that we tried to put all over ourselves in our tween years–thank god that stage is over!

Why this is such a fantastic blush:
For me this is a dual product. It not only acts as my blush for the day, but it is also a great highlight. Perfect for throwing on your cheeks when you’re having a light makeup day, or adding that extra something to a full face. I have never put it on and not liked it:)

Thanks for reading!


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