philosophy: Loveswept

This is by far my new obsession. I was wondering through Macy’s the other day, and happened to spray this on my wrist just because. I kid you not, that I spent a good portion of the wrest of the day just smelling me wrist and I needed to go back and get it. Yes, I do realize how creepy that sounds, but that is just how much I love this perfume!

Loveswept is the perfect summer, floral, light scent that is amazing for day or night. I have recently become more attracted to floral scents; they used to give me headaches because the flowers were just too overwhelming, but apparently my taste has changed. If you go to the philosophy site it the perfume is described as: a soft floral fragrance with sprinkles of energy. Whatever it is– its amazing. It’s flower-y enough without making you smell like you live inside a garden, but also has this extra little something too it that makes it better than any other floral perfume I’ve tested.


I’m a big believer that perfumes can smell differently on each individual person, so I’d suggest spraying it onto your wrist and seeing how the notes settle out on you before you purchase. I got the 2.0 oz size and it was $46 dollars, but they also have a smaller roll-on version that is only $20 if you don’t want to spend too much on a perfume.

Let me know if any of you have tried Loveswept out, or if you end up loving it too!


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