My New Favorite Liner

When I found this liner it was like the clouds had parted and I could hear the angels singing! Dramatic? Yes, a tad, but you have no idea how many eye liners I have gone through trying to find one that works well for me!

So here’s the back story- I have slightly hooded lids so I always end up with my liner way up on my lid and looking like a crazy person who doesn’t grasp the concept of eye liner. So, I’ve been on a never ending hunt to find a true black liner that doesn’t need to be applied 17 times throughout the day and one that doesn’t budge. I also have combination skin so that adds to some of the problem with my lids too.

But, lets get to the good stuff! This wonderful, life changing product for me is Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid  Eye Liner. LOVE. 




When this stuff says Stay All Day–it means it. I work 10 hours days and it doesn’t move or fade at all. I mean I have showered with this stuff on and it doesn’t come off when the rest of my make up does. Granted, this may be annoying for some people, but girls who have hooded lids or who have oily lids will love this, and I would suggest using a makeup remover wipe everyday anyways (which wipes this right off). 

Another great thing about this Stila eye liner is the tip. It is sooo precise! You can learn to touch down with a very light hand and make a line very, very close to your lashes, or use a heavier hand and make a nice thick line. I’m not perfect at lining my eyes (kudos for you guys who have this down to an art!) and a great this about this product is that it is a little forgiving for a few seconds if you need to push it down into your lash line, or if you have a small mess up which happens almost every day with me:)

Here’s a look at how fine the tip is:



I hope you all found this helpful! Thanks for reading:) 


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