First Impression: Smashbox Chic Copper

Soo I was at Ulta last night…yet again…and I couldn’t help but pick up some extra stuff that I didn’t go in for. Who really is able to go into that store and only buy the one thing that you need. If you can, props to you!

As I was wondering around I noticed that Smashbox has some really fun sets out right now. To be honest I did mean to purchase the Rose Gold version of the set I bought, but I am pleasantly surprised by the colors in the Chic Copper version. The Must Have Metallics in Chic Copper retails for $39–pretty reasonable for 3 products of this brand in my opinion which is what originally attracted me to the offer in the first place and resulted in me buying it.

What’s in the box?  Buying this set will get you: Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio, Fusion Soft Lights and, Lip Enhancing Gloss all in the shade Chic Copper. It also comes with a shadow brush–an added bonus for those of us who are always wanting new brushes.

The Eye Shadow Trio:
The lightest color, Nectar, is almost the exact shade of my eyelid so this is a great base color for me. Penny, the rich, warm gold color is beautiful. I wore it today and just loved it! Finally Roast, the dark red/brown color– not my fav. It is VERY pigmented almost to the point that it’s too much. I swathed the back of y hand and it took a lot of scrubbing to get off. Great in some instance, but not an everyday shadow for me.
Fusion Soft Lights:
I was pleasantly surprised by this highlight. It is very pigmented so I’d go easy on the application until you know how it’s going to look on your skin. It says to just sweep the dark color on to use as a blush, but I wouldn’t suggest it. First of all it’s a tiny portion to try and get into a blush brush and it’s very shiny (it’s a highlight after all!) and I feel like it would just make you look very glittery and way too gold. As a soft golden highlight though I love it so far.
Lip Enhancing Gloss:
This gloss is such a nice combination of color and shine without being too glittery when applied. It is a little sticky so if that drives you crazy it may not be your favorite gloss.

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