My New Favorite Perfume/Body Spray

As I have said before, I am completely obsessed with anything vanilla and I honestly have no idea how I haven’t come across this product before, or apparently how I really just haven’t paid enough attention to actually spray in on myself after spending SEVERAL trips to Victoria’s Secret just to look at perfume before.

The amazing, wonderful perfume I am referring to is VS Fantasies Vanilla Lace Fragrance Mist. Oh. My. God. This is seriously amazeballs. I have been completely covering myself in it since I bought it a week ago. I wear it to work, spray again when I get home, and today put it on before I went to the gym. Yes it happened. That is how in love with this fragrance I am. Also–they are on sale right now, so if you’re interested now is a good time to buy:)

It’s what I want to describe as kind of a more grown up version of Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar. I used to love that scent, but now I just think of middle school and just how I was so much younger when I use to wear it. If you like vanilla at all I’m almost 100% positive you will enjoy this!


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