Baby Lips Dr. Rescue: Coral Crave Review

As I have said before I am obsessed with lip balm, so it’s no surprise that I have other Baby Lips products. I absolutely love the ones that I have purchased before, so when I saw Dr. Rescue I knew I needed to try it. It is said to have 12 hour hydration and comes in 6 natural tints to match and even out lip skin tone. I typically love all of the lip products by Maybelline because they have a great formula that goes on very smooth and Dr. Rescue is no exception it does go on very smooth.


However, I would have to say the 12 hour hydration is quite a bit of a stretch for me. I have been using it these the past couple of days and it seems like I almost need to be continually applying it for my lips to feel moisturized. Also-my lip actually split a tiny bit yesterday after I had been using it, so that was a huge negative for me since I use chap stick almost constantly and that has never happened.


It also has a very medicine smell to it, which just reminds me of being sick so it’s not quite my cup of tea. For me, it smells exactly like Halls cough drops because it has eucalyptus and menthol in the balm. I should have known it would have some of that smell to it, but I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as intense when you first put it on. The shades though are gorgeous. I love the coral shade and I think it looks very natural on lips.


So, all in all it’s a good base color and  feels very smooth when applied. I just can’t get past the smell of it though. It does wear off after having it on for a while but having to reapply it so frequently just makes it not worth it to me. I’d buy one of their original Baby Lips products and if you need something a bit more intense try Blistex Five Star Lip Protections, or Melaleuca Sun Shades Vanilla Balm.


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