How To: Apply Perfume & Make it Last All Day

So many times I feel like I’ve put perfume on and then a few hours later it’s almost like I didn’t even put anything on. I have finally learned they key places to apply it for the best long-lasting results:) If you’re having this problem too using any of these tips should help you out!

1. Obviously on the wrists–which is almost everyone’s go-to.

2. Behind your ears. After rubbing your wrists together bring each wrist up and quickly rub behind each of your ears to apply a good amount of perfume.

3. Inside your elbow: this seems crazy but it really works!

4. The base of your throat. This is easiest to achieve with the classic spray and walk though or just simply lightly spray right onto your neck.

5. Behind your knees–along the same lines of the elbow this will continue to release the scent of perfume making it last longer and stay stronger.

Apply your perfume to these pulse points and you will see a noticeable difference:)

Thanks for reading!!


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